Women and Terrorism

 Paper instructions:

Theme: The issue of motivations for committing acts of terror has been widely debated in the literature pertaining to terrorism.

A number of these discussions have focused on gendered differences and whether or not motivations vary between genders. While women may share a number of the same societal grievances as men, many policymakers and commentators have a hard time imagining the female terrorist and the female suicide bomber.

Indeed, even the notion that women can be terrorists or even violent seems to be a contradiction to socially accepted notions of femininity, which emphasize mothering, care, interdependence, and peacefulness. However, while smaller in number than their male counterparts, women have been involved in modern terrorism since its conception.

Topic Question: The literature selected discusses women and terrorism, and attempts to dispel myths around acts of terror committed by women. What does the recent research say regarding the role of women in terrorist organizations and how their motivations for committing acts of terror may differ from men?

You have recently started your career as a Foreign Service Officer at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. As a new desk officer, you are responsible for tracking international trends within a specific domain, doing research and analysis, and responding to queries from senior management.
Senior managers do not want 20-page research reports; they want short briefing notes that can be digested easily, but that contain more information for follow-up if required.
You will receive a specific, research-oriented question about a contemporary issue or trend in world politics and will have three weeks to put together a two-page briefing note in response. The question will be along the lines of “What does the current research say about

Format: Maximum of two double-spaced pages plus cover page & bibliography/reference list.

The cover/title page should include a great title.
 Note: opening sentence should be the topic research question provided.
Incorporate synopses and

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