The National School Lunch Program

You are required to complete an 8-10 page description and analysis of a program, policy or law to meet the requirements of this course. 

The paper should critically examine a social welfare policy, program, or law in the United States or a foreign country.  The program, policy, or law you select does not have to be presently in effect.  There are many interesting historical social welfare programs, policies or laws you may want to examine. 

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Your final paper must include the following parts: 

  1. A description of the policy, law, or program you are examining.  The following, at a minimum, should be included in the description:  

When was it implemented and why? What were the specific issues or problems this program, policy or law was instituted to address? , 

What are the stated goals/purpose of the program, policy or law? 

If applicable, what are the components of the program, policy or law you have selected? 

who is the program, policy or law designed to reach?

If applicable how is the program funded? If you are examining a policy or law, does this policy or law require any type of programmatic funding?  Does the policy or law call for some type of action that requires the funding of an agency or program?  

For example, does this policy or law require the funding of a certain types of programs?

What was the budget associated with this program for the last fiscal year? 

  1. An analysis of the social welfare perspective from which you think the program, law, or policy was designed.  This could be residual, institutional, feminist, or others that are mentioned in the Day text book.  You will need to describe why and how the program reflects any particular social welfare perspective.  In addition, you will need to explain how this perspective may have an influence on the outcomes associated with the program. For example, does the perspective influence who ideally has access to the program, how they are treated, or what they may receive? 
  1. An analysis of the values that are reflected in the policy, program, or law.  Using the values presented in Day, describe how this program, policy or law is associated with particular values.   What are the ideas or beliefs this program promotes?  
  1. An analysis of how age, race, class and gender issues are reflected in the program, policy, law.   Do certain groups disproportionately benefit from the program?  Are there certain groups that are more likely to be excluded from the program?  Why is this the case?  How does the program affect the well being of particular groups?  
  1. An analysis of how the program, policy or law addresses social inequality or is associated with issues of social inequality.  Does the program policy or law reduce inequality in some way? Does the program policy or law unfairly exclude or disadvantage certain populations?  
  1. An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the program, policy, or law.  

Papers must be typed and double-spaced.  You are required to include a minimum of eight sources in the paper.  A minimum of six of your sources must come from academic journals and or books.  You may use internet sources (for example, web pages that might describe a particular program).  Internet sources must be properly documented.  Papers must conform to the APA or ASA citation style.  Subheadings must be included for each major section of the paper.  The subheadings should reflect the parts of the paper outlined above.  Points will be deducted for papers that do not include the subheading format.  



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