“The Jewelry”

*Literary Analysis for “The Jewelry” ( pg. 687/ The Norton Introduction to Literature,13 th ed. )
Directions: Read the short story” The Jewelry” by Guy De Maupassant:
^Discuss how greed and deceit are portrayed throughout the short story.

*The assignment will be comprised of the following:
Double –spaced /12font/ Times New Roman

*Cover page: MLA format (Be sure the Title is a phrase of 3 or more words.)(pg. 667/Chpt.47)

  • Place the word count beneath the date on the Cover page:
  • Minimum word count : 550 – maximum 700
    ( This word count does not include the Cover page or Works Cited page.)

*Essay : MLA format/Introductory paragraph/ 2 Body paragraphs/ Concluding paragraph

***Works Cited page( The anthology/literature book will be your source.)

  • Be sure to include a minimum of two direct quotes and in-text citations in each Body
    paragraph-taken from the short story.
    :See LBH/ MLA format : Chapters 46/47 Little Brown Handbook

***Use in-text citations after the direct quotes to give credit to the source/author.
See pg. 621-631/ Chapter 46/Little Brown Handbook ( LBH)
*Remember to introduce the direct quote; see pg.596/Chapter 48

*Cover page: format is the following: See pg. 667/ Chapter 47/Little Brown Handbook
Title( Centered /phrase of 3 or more words)
( Do not include the title of the short story / Be creative)
( Double –space (twice)
By(centered )
Double –space
Student’s Name(centered)
Double-space ( twice)
Professor C. Simpson(centered)
Double –space
ENC 1102-2815(Centered)
Double –space
19 September 2021 ( Centered)
Double -space
Word count: 557

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*First page of Essay format/MLA: ( See heading : upper –left hand corner ) /Double-space:
see pg. 669/ Chapter 47/Little Brown Handbook
Example: ( This heading should appear in the upper –left hand corner /only on the first page.)
Student’s Name
Professor C. Simpson
ENC 1102-2815
19 September 2021

***The Title should be centered on the first page of the essay. ( see pg. 669/ Chapter 47/LBH)
**Remember to number the pages of the essay with your Last name and natural number: (Upper right hand corner: Example: Sunshine 1
*Essay Content: /Double-space
***4 paragraphs= 4 Indentations: comprised of the following:
Introductory paragraph/2 Body paragraphs/Concluding paragraph and a Works Cited
***Introductory paragraph: minimum of 7 sentences: last sentence is the Thesis Statement:
see pg. 96-100/ Chapter 4/LBH
***Introductory paragraph: Thesis Statement: must Include the title of the short story, the
name of the author , and the two sub-topics ( greed and deceit ) you are discussing in the
Body paragraphs.
***Body paragraphs: Transitions must be implemented in the following sentences:
1.Topic Sentence
2.Primary support sentences.

  • Transitions can be found on pg. 80/81 /Chapter 4/ Little Brown Handbook

***Each Body paragraph: Must consist of the following:

  • Topic Sentence, minimum of 2 primary support sentences and 2 secondary support
    sentences for each primary support.
    ***Each Body paragraph: Must include the following:
    -Variety of sentence diagram( Different sentence structures )
    ***Each Body paragraph: Must include a minimum of two direct quotes in each Body
    paragraph with In-text citations: MLA format : see pg. 621-631/ Chapter 46/LBH

***Concluding paragraph: ( minimum of 3 sentences) : see pg. 100-102/Chapter 4/LBH
( The Restatement of the Thesis must be the first sentence and include a transition.
( see pg. 80-81/ Chapter 4/LBH.)

***Include variety of sentence diagrams in the entire essay.

***Proofread the entire essay more than once and use these instructions as your “checklist”.

***Works Cited Page: Use your literature textbook/anthology / the short story, “The
Jewelry” , as your resource. See pg. 649- #27( model example)/Chapter 46

( Only one resource –literature textbook –required as the resource for the Works Cited
page.)(MLA format): see pg. 649/#27/ Chapter 46LBH.

***Be sure to number the page ( upper right-hand corner) of the Works Cited page :
Last name and natural number : Example : Sunshine 3
***Be sure to proofread everything!
***Be sure to send the assignment via Word document attachment/email .

***Remember: The theme in a story is its underlying message or central idea.
In other words, what critical belief about life is the author trying to convey in
the writing of the short story ? This belief or idea transcends cultural barriers.
It is usually universal in nature.

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Helpful Hint:
When using a direct quote, the in-text citation should be placed directly after
the direct quote in parentheses.
Example: ( Place author of short story last name and page number of direct
“The man who gets her will be lucky. No one could find a nicer girl than that “( De
Maupassant 688) .
( Note: The period is placed after the in-text citation.)

***Helpful Hint: Works Cited : ( This is the MLA format for a selection from an
anthology/literature textbook)
De Maupassant, Guy. “The Jewelry.” The Norton Introduction to Literature,

by Kelly J. Mays, 13 th ed., W. W. Norton & Company, 2020, pp. 687-693.

*Cover page/4 paragraph Essay /Works Cited : due September 19th/ 11:00 pm


The Jewelry1

Born Henri René Albert in Normandy, France, Guy
de Maupassant was expelled at sixteen from a Rouen
seminary and finished his education at a public

high school. After serving in the Franco-Prussian
War, he worked as a government clerk in Paris for
ten years. A protégé of novelist Gustave Flaubert,

  1. Translated by Lafcadio Hearn…

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