Radiation and radioisotopes used in medicine.

Below is the instructions 


I am attaching the full instructions , as well as the sources that I must use. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS The report must be cited throughout . I am including the works cited page as well as the documents in pdf format.  Its due at MAY 7th 11pm UTC−08:00. 


The Guideline

If you quote from any source, you must provide a reference; plagiarism should be avoided and may result in a zero for the paper. Do not use Wikipedia or any encyclopedia as a primary reference, although they may provide a good starting point for your topic.

Consider your specific topic before deciding how to approach it. If your topic describes a specific problem and/or its solution, make sure you include any new approaches or solutions to the problem in your report. Conclude your report with a brief summary and your personal comments about the solutions proposed. If your topic is more informative in nature, include a brief background on your topic and summarize the important issues your articles address regarding the topic.

In addition, you should; address the following questions where appropriate:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the author?
  • How credible are the articles?
  • Have you found other data that does not support the authors’ conclusions?
  • Are the authors or you basing your opinions on scientific facts, or value judgments?

Many of the topics on your list are controversial and can be interpreted or argued in more than one way. In those cases, you should present arguments from both sides and explain why you believe one side makes more sense than the other. Usually, the authors of an article provide the reader with their own interpretation of the data and include support for their interpretation. They often address other points of view as well. You may decide to take an opposing position in response to your articles.

In all cases, try to focus on writing succinctly, and use sound, scientific arguments to support your position on the selected topic. In addition, there should also be a works cited page using standard MLA format.  The report must be cited throughout to show how references were used.

You are responsible for including the following in your research report:

  1. At least one book that relates to the topic.
  2. One relevant scientific journal article that was published within the last three years. Most scientific journals have undergone what is known as peer review. Please keep in mind and make the distinction between scientific journal articles and magazine articles. For example, the Ladies Home Journal is not a peer-reviewed, scientific journal and is unacceptable for use in this research project as a journal article. If there is an article that is relevant to your topic in a magazine, you may include it in the bibliography; however, it does not count as a journal article.
  3. At least two Internet-based articles pertaining to the selected topic.
  4. You will need at least 2 more references of any type (magazines, newspapers, etc., or extra sources from 1-3 above)