[Paper Structure & Coherence]

Importance of Coherence in Writing

Coherence is achieved when the paper ‘draws the attention of the reader’, contains 3-5 sentences, starts
with an interesting hook, ends with a thesis statement

Similarly, coherence in writing can be achieved through the use of words, but also through context.

Coherence ensures that the bigger picture is clear. All parts of the text have to relate to each other in the context in which it appears and there has to be effective transition from one part or idea to the next.

Thesis Statement

• Takes on a subject on which reasonable people could
• Deals with a subject that can be adequately treated given
the nature of the assignment
• Expresses one main idea
• Asserts your conclusions about a subject.

Still on the thesis statement;

Adhere to the following steps to make a strong thesis statement

• Brainstorm the topic – find what you are interested in and go from there
• Narrow the topic – find specific details you want to discuss within the topic that interests you
• Take a position on the topic – decide what your position on this topic is
• Use specific language
• Make an assertion based on clearly stated support

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Examples of weak and strong theses statements


There are high numbers of homeless people in Kyiv, Ukraine.- You will not be able to build a paper on a simple fact


Homeless people in Kyiv, Ukraine should be given access to services, such as regular food donations, public restrooms, and camping facilities, because it will enhance their lives. –The reader can argue for or against this statement








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