Essay Questions based on the ABA Model Rules


Cite the ABA Model Rules, and analyze the problems according to a
biblical worldview. As noted, in addition to the ABA Model Rules, in your
answers, you should also refer to relevant parts of the comments that correspond
to the rules and scriptures when addressing the biblical worldview.
Do not provide simple conclusions without fully analyzing the matter–carefully think
through the answers that you provide and set forth clear reasons for the answers provided.
It helps organize each of your essay answers by using, what is commonly called, an IRAC
format–IRAC refers to the Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. If you organize
your answers using this format, your essay responses should be clear and thorough. Hence,
you will be identifying the Issue presented in each question, noting the applicable ABA
Model Rule(s). Then in your Analysis, you will discuss how the rule(s) applies to the facts,
followed by your overall Conclusion.
The essay questions pertain to Rules such as Attorney Fees, Communications Concerning a
Lawyer’s Service, Lawyer Advertising, Competence, Confidentiality of Information, Trial
Publicity, Interrogatories to Parties. I recommend that you carefully review the key topics
covered in each book chapter (Crystal, N.M. & Giesel, G.M., Professional Responsibility,
Problems of Practice and the Profession (7 th ed. (2019)and all essential rules addressed under
the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
This assignment will require research into the ABA Model Rules of Professional
Conduct and scripture. You will thoroughly analyze the model rule through the lens
of scripture and determine whether the model rule or the scripture imposes a greater
ethical responsibility on the Christian legal professional. This analysis requires
research into the moral and ethical underpinnings of each model rule and requires
one to apply a Biblical worldview to shape the analysis. This research project will
develop a deeper understanding of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct,
enhance research and writing skills, and will show the importance of applying a
Biblical worldview to the practice of law.

Please complete this assignment, and you will select seven (7) of the ABA Model Rules of
Professional Conduct as stated above.
You can locate a link to the most current version of the ABA Model Rules of Professional
Conduct in the Reading and Study folder of your assigned module under the tab Website: ABA
Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
You may select any model rule, or specific subsection of a model rule, but you may only use
each rule once. You must insert the model rule, verbatim, into a blank document that you create.
Choose an appropriate passage to incorporate from the Bible that illustrates the moral duty
imposed by Scripture. (You may select any passage of Scripture provided that you can link
the passage, in an appropriate manner, to the principle outlined in the selected rule.) You
must insert the passage, verbatim, immediately following the model rule. In at least 170
words, explain how that particular passage relates to the selected model rule. For
each rule, you must indicate whether the biblical standard would impose greater ethical
responsibility on the Christian legal professional than the model rule.
MODULE RULE SELECTION: Excellent details and examples are provided. The three requirements are met.

  1. Seven distinct model rules are selected. 2. Model rules are formatted properly. Model rules
    are only used once.
    ANALYSIS: SHOW THE ANALYSIS: Excellent details and examples are provided. The three
    requirements are met.
  2. Clearly Identifies whether Scripture imposes a greater ethical standard on the Christian legal
    professional than the model rule. Analysis is complete, logical, and objectively advances a
    biblical worldview and objectively connects the model rule and scripture. Ideas and concepts
    are logical, cogent, and flow from the material.
    SCRIPTURE REFERENCES: Excellent details and examples are provided. The following
    three requirements are met. 1. Scripture references clearly applicable to the model rule.
  3. The paper includes at least one relevant Bible verse for each model rule analyzed. The
    author follows the Bluebook on citing Scripture correctly.

GRAMMAR & SPELLING: Correct spelling and grammar are used throughout the project.
There are 0–2 errors in grammar or spelling that distract the reader from the content.