Does Beowulf depict the role of a real hero?

I need an argumentative 5 paragraph paper on Beowulf. My introductory paragraph says “ Does Beowulf depicts the role of a real hero? When you think of a hero you think of the Avengers or the heroes from DC Comics in which all of those heroes are modern role models in today’s world; many of these heroes depicts different characteristics that can relate to those who admire them. Beowulf is a great example of a hero who needs to be admired. He protects Hrothgar’s men by fighting Grendel alone in which that shows how he is skilled, honorable, and loyal which makes him a role of a real hero”.
You can correct my introductory paragraph if you need

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1st body paragraph should be about how Beowulf is skilled I need textual evidence.

I need my 3 body paragraphs to have textual evidence.

2nd body paragraph should be about how Beowulf is honorable (textual evidence)

3rd paragraph should be about how Beowulf is loyal
(Textual evidence) I need a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph too.

The source for the textual evidence is the website Savvas Realize

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When you done putting that in you’ll see classes in the middle colored in orange go to that then you’ll see 3 assignments press the last one it should say “ from Beowulf (epic): student edition, unit 1”. That’s the story where you’ll get the textual evidence

I need 5 paragraphs the last paragraph should be the conclusion.

Thank you.