Data Mashups

A digital dashboard can be defined as a kind of interface that operates electronically which tends to aggregate and get to visualize data from many sources including data bases as well as services from the web.

Data mashup examples

Data Mashup benefits

They do allow easier monitoring of business performance through the display of real time information as well as actionable data.

Data mashups can be viewed as sites that do bring together number of data sources resulting to the creation of new service. With the purchase funnel which tends to be an example of data mashup, it is used by the sales and marketing teams to monitoring the customer acquisition process by getting to measure on the number of people at each stage as well as the percentage of those moving from one stage to the next. With Google data studio, it provides easy access to all the data sources to a business to making better decisions. They do handle authentication, accessing rights as well as data structuring. Syfe tends to be a self-service dashboard app that is mainly designed for analyzing, transforming and reporting data from different integrated services of businesses. It helps businesses to het to connect to many data services as well as transforming the data for business intelligence.

The use of Google data studio involves combination of indexing techniques with advanced data science to get to monitor the market share including business intelligence. Through the scanning of billions of public documents, it enables Minto group incorporation to collect deep insights with over a 100 data fields at an average. The use of Google data studio helps in turning data into informative dashboards thereby converting the reports to be easy to read, share and as well-being customized. Minto Inc. Company which tends to be a developer of a big data technology mainly uses data computing and big data technologies to develop enterprise cloud service platform by providing enterprise data management as well as systems related to supervision which in turn enable clients to get to improve more on efficiencies and reducing costs in relation to management.

Cloud computing tends to be a modern approach to handling long running business needs. It is used to storing and backing up company data while streamlining the way that information tends to be shared in a company.

Google data studio provides a completely managed as well as a cloud based solution to the company meaning that the user is saved from getting to manage any kind of infrastructure or installation. It also integrates with Google ecosystem such as Google analytics thereby saving the organization time to get to integrate with the data studio. There is easier use as well as sharing controls whereby it helps the companies to get to clear reports in the dashboard within a few clicks thereby facilitating easier sharing to the users in the dashboard and getting to restrict a higher degree aspect in the data studio.

The present and future impacts of Google data studio includes data management which relates to how the company stores data and as well gets to function with the data sources altogether. With Google data studio, it does not store any of the source data by default but rather on the queries whereby during the execution of the query, there is retrieving of the data source from the results cache. It impacts on data visualization whereby from the basic tables as well as score cards, variations tend to be present which one can choose from. With the data tab, there is the adding dimensions as well as metrics which help to build and configure the query to get to set the data period while filing of the visualization. This results to creation of good looking as well as interactive dashboard with data studio.

In areas such as marketing reports, the use of Google data studio do help marketing directors to shift from manually collecting the necessary reports to automation collection methods thereby helping to reduce data errors that are related to human factor as well getting to spare the staff from routine work. By merging of information about marketing work is what they could do to expand on this. This is because they tend to operate on large volumes of data thereby requiring quick and reasonable solution and therefore cannot work without an auto updating dashboard.

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