Simple Essay Structure

Essay Structure Writing an academic essay means putting a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Academic essays are linear—they offer one idea at a time—so you need a structure that presents your ideas in an order that makes the most sense to your professor. The structure of the essay is often determined by the […]

APA Paper Format Basics

In APA format, the following are the things to consider; 1. Cover page 2. Essay itself which must articulate the actual underpinning as per instructions. Similarly, any borrowed work must have an in-text citation although it should not be copied that is, written word by word. Note: even if that is not your own knowledge […]

200 Transition Phrases [Linking and Connecting Words]

WHAT ARE TRANSITION WORDS? Transitional words are basically linking or connecting phrases. They are similar to conjunctions and help your writing flow smoothly. You don’t talk to people in choppy sentences, so why would you write that way? A transition word is almost always followed by a comma. You can also use a semicolon to […]

[Paper Structure & Coherence]

Importance of Coherence in Writing Coherence is achieved when the paper ‘draws the attention of the reader’, contains 3-5 sentences, startswith an interesting hook, ends with a thesis statement Similarly, coherence in writing can be achieved through the use of words, but also through context. Coherence ensures that the bigger picture is clear. All parts of […]