The National School Lunch Program

You are required to complete an 8-10 page description and analysis of a program, policy or law to meet the requirements of this course.  The paper should critically examine a social welfare policy, program, or law in the United States or a foreign country.  The program, policy, or law you select does not have to […]

“The Jewelry”

*Literary Analysis for “The Jewelry” ( pg. 687/ The Norton Introduction to Literature,13 th ed. )Directions: Read the short story” The Jewelry” by Guy De Maupassant:^Discuss how greed and deceit are portrayed throughout the short story. *The assignment will be comprised of the following:Double –spaced /12font/ Times New Roman *Cover page: MLA format (Be sure […]


When present, what is the term for the upper most layer of soil where dead organisms are in various stages of decay— O Horizon Which of the following is not an assumption of neoclassical economics— Need help to understand the main assumptions of neoclassical economics? Click here Herbicides are used for? What is IPATS When […]

Business and Management

Topic: summary of the conversation with Founder Security’s CEO about mergers & acquisition Instructions The CEO name of Founder Security company is Xuefang Liu, can be referred as Liu in the don’t have to contact the CEO of Founder Security, you can just imagine you already have this conversation with him, ask some questions […]


A film analysis on Structuralism theory for the Half-Life (1 & 2) video games Instructions 7 pages includes the annotated bibliographyMinimum of 10 sources with 6 being scholarlyMLA I want this paper to be about both Half-Life video games (1 & 2) and how they fit into a structuralism narrative. How the video games uses […]


Assignment: Research Paper about the Emergence of Craft Breweries Research Question: How has the installment and emerging popularity of craft breweriescontributed to the gentrification of cities such as Sacramento, California and/or Tucson in the lasttwenty years from a social and economic standpoint? Requirements 12 Point FontDouble SpacedTimes New RomanMLA FormatReference PagePage Numbers5-8 Sources Some sources […]


Instructions Submit an article (from a newspaper, journal, magazine, etc.) that pertains to one of the urban geography topics we have discussed in class. This article must be submitted with a two-paragraph write-up: one (1) paragraph summarizing the article, and one (1) paragraph explaining its relevance to urban studies, including topics covered in class. (I […]


Present a formal music history paper on the topic of your choice. The rules are very simple. The topic must be from the time period of classical- romantic period. The topic can be about anything as long as it is not a biography or anything like that. I would reccomend looking at the syllabus I […]

Quantitative vs Qualitative Research Questions

Qualitative research focuses on personalized behavior, such as habits or motivations behind their decisions. This can be gathered through contextual inquiries or interviews to learn more about feelings, attitudes, and habis that are harder to quantify but offer important additional context to support statistical data. Quantitative research is about collecting information that can be expressed […]

Write an argumentative essay on why social media is bad. The main topics are it’s addictive, shares fake news, and causes social anxiety. The counterargument is that you can Connect with people online, so the rebuttal should be like there dangerous accounts impersonating people. 5 paragraphs, 2 pieces of evidence each paragraph (not including counteragument/ rebuttal paragraph)

Answer Introduction Over the past 10 years, there has been heavy use of social media. Social media has created both positive and negative impact on society. On the positive note, people use social media to interact with each other making the world more open and connected. People have woven these networks into their daily way […]