“The Jewelry”

*Literary Analysis for “The Jewelry” ( pg. 687/ The Norton Introduction to Literature,13 th ed. )Directions: Read the short story” The Jewelry” by Guy De Maupassant:^Discuss how greed and deceit are portrayed throughout the short story. *The assignment will be comprised of the following:Double –spaced /12font/ Times New Roman *Cover page: MLA format (Be sure […]


When present, what is the term for the upper most layer of soil where dead organisms are in various stages of decay— O Horizon Which of the following is not an assumption of neoclassical economics— Need help to understand the main assumptions of neoclassical economics? Click here Herbicides are used for? What is IPATS When […]

110 Best Educational YouTube Channels in 2022

YouTube is a major platform that provides a large volume of high-quality information on a number of subjects. Many times or at times, YouTube can be a perfect tool to boost your studies, since videos are both informative and fun!  At Victoryessays, we know that looking for the right YouTube videos that could help out in […]

Political Science

Goal: Use data from electronic databases and write a research paper on how the American public viewsforeign countries. Period to cover: from 2018 to 2022. You must choose six countries (to findinformation and polls about): China, Russia, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. (You may replaceany two countries from the list by any two countries […]


👉🏿You’re about to get that PhD degree or that masters you’ve been envisioning for so long. It was a hard journey. You’re determined. You’re committed. Somehow, you’re still not achieving the goals you set. At this point, you start thinking: is it OK to hire a dissertation help service? Yes. It’s okay! When you’re not […]

Simple Essay Structure

Essay Structure Writing an academic essay means putting a coherent set of ideas into an argument. Academic essays are linear—they offer one idea at a time—so you need a structure that presents your ideas in an order that makes the most sense to your professor. The structure of the essay is often determined by the […]

3 Qualities of a Good Essay

A good essay will have the following characteristics: Content ✅ • A clear theme with evidence of background research✅• A well organised structure with; 📌 a clear introduction📌 a well-structured argument📌 a clear conclusion ✅• Good use of paragraphs✅• Use of a range of discourse markers✅• Good use of sources in the text including use […]

Black Swan Analysis

Type of paper: Article Review Discipline: English and Literature Format or citation style: MLA Paper instructions: At victoryessays, we can take care of your essays, papers, homework, and assignments of any complexity! Order now through our easy and quick form, or get a free custom quote/discount coupon for your next assignment. Annotated Bibliography. This bibliography should identify five […]

Business and Management

Topic: summary of the conversation with Founder Security’s CEO about mergers & acquisition Instructions The CEO name of Founder Security company is Xuefang Liu, can be referred as Liu in the summary.you don’t have to contact the CEO of Founder Security, you can just imagine you already have this conversation with him, ask some questions […]


A film analysis on Structuralism theory for the Half-Life (1 & 2) video games Instructions 7 pages includes the annotated bibliographyMinimum of 10 sources with 6 being scholarlyMLA I want this paper to be about both Half-Life video games (1 & 2) and how they fit into a structuralism narrative. How the video games uses […]