Analysis of Variance

A researcher is interested in the effect type of residence has on the personal hap-piness of college students. She selects samples of students who live in campus dorms, in off-campus apartments, and at home and asks the 12 respondents to rate their happiness on a scale of 1 (not happy) to 10 (happy). a. Test […]


6.1 Counting Counting range sizes Most people think of counting as saying “1, 2, 3, …” perhaps while pointing to items being counted, but counting also involves approaches that use math to avoid having to explicitly count every item. One such approach counts the items in a range by applying simple math to the range’s low […]

Module 3 Unit 1: Hosts and Guests (LEI3301)

What are the two conventional “wisdoms” associated with tourism?a. conflict and understandingb. compromise and understandingc. conflict and confusiond. crowding and explanation a. conflict and understanding Which of the following describes the purpose of programs such as National Tourism Week?a. to improve resident’s understanding of tourism.b. to communicate the positive economic benefits of tourism to host […]