Module 3 Unit 1: Hosts and Guests (LEI3301)

What are the two conventional “wisdoms” associated with tourism?a. conflict and understandingb. compromise and understandingc. conflict and confusiond. crowding and explanation a. conflict and understanding Which of the following describes the purpose of programs such as National Tourism Week?a. to improve resident’s understanding of tourism.b. to communicate the positive economic benefits of tourism to host […]

Social Constructs of Obesity

Option 1 invites you to analyze the social construction of a specific mental or physical health problem or issue in some form of media and summarize what you found in your analysis. Your purpose is to reveal the cultural side of the diagnosis/illness, and ideally to continue to explore topics that are of interest to […]

Solve Linear Equations

Question 110/10Given a function described as the equation y = 4x – 4, what is y when x is 1, 2, and 3? answer choices¬† 4, 8, 12 2, 8, 16 0, 4, 8Correct answer 0, 6, 12 Question 210/10What are m and b in the linear equation, using the common meanings of m and […]

Quantitative Reasoning Two

2.1 Introduction to functions Functions as equations A variable represents a value that can change or “vary”, hence the name “variable”. Sometimes one variable’s value is related to another variable’s value. Ex: If Jan saves $1000 per month, what is the total savings y after x months? A person can create an equation to describe how a value […]

Sustainable Supply Chain and Smart Pricing

Supply Chain Management Read The Great Rebate Runaround Case Study in the Simchi-Levi et al. text. Submit a thread of 550 words and respond to each of the 3 end-of-case discussion questions. Each question must be answered thoroughly and responses must be supported by the concepts introduced in the reading/study materials. Provide a brief description […]