APA Paper Format Basics

In APA format, the following are the things to consider;

1. Cover page

2. Essay itself which must articulate the actual underpinning as per instructions. Similarly, any borrowed work must have an in-text citation although it should not be copied that is, written word by word. Note: even if that is not your own knowledge you must not say exactly what is in the internet, notes, or textbook. Understand then write in your own words then when you use any statistics remember to in-text cite.

3. Referencing

These are the sources where the work written in the essay part was borrowed from. Therefore, they are supposed to be in-text cited. They should also follow a sequence order… i.e A-Z

First things first: you should know how to insert a header. (Open your word doc, go to insert option then to header option. You will see the built blank option…. , the cover page must begin with Running head for 6th edition and no running head for the updated 7th edition.

For 7th edition, this is how APA cover page format looks like;

Title (write the tittle in full-Bolded and Sentence Case)

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Course Number and Name

Instructor’s Name

Assignment Due Date

All the above are center aligned. Remember to insert the header. The first page appears like above. It is not counted but it must be inserted. It is the most basic thing that describes how APA looks like.

The second page begins with the introduction, body then conclusion. From the introduction to the body and conclusion you must have in-text citation. Then you finish with the references.

Before the introduction, there is a tittle that is center aligned with tittle case. It should be bolded. In the introduction part, you introduce your paper according to the instructions or as per the question then at the end of first paragraph, there is the thesis statement.

A Thesis statement summarizes what you will write in the essay. A thesis statement is written in the last sentence of the first paragraph. It states the theme of the essays. You either agree with your topic or disagree with it on the thesis statement. Then on the body you support your thesis statement. For example for the case of the topic “importance of memes” a thesis statement will be like- memes are the best contagions which make the spread of information go viral.

Then in the body, you highlight the importance of memes and how best contagious they are in spreading or making information go viral.

In-text citation in APA format appears like this… (name, year, page number) for direct quotes.  Take this as an example: (James, 2022, p. 643). For normal case just write author’s last name then year for instance (James, 2022).

If you have more than two references, write the first name of the author that appears on the list of references then finish with et al. see this…. (James et al., 2022).

References are written on the last page. The tittle references should be center aligned then the list follows.

The list of paragraphs should be written in hanging style with the order A-Z. Tittles of books are written in italics.

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